Thursday, October 25, 2012

Valentina: One Month!!!

Happy One Month to Val! She is doing SO well. Very slightly and very slowly, she is putting on pounds. Lily is still right by her side every morning feeding her, brushing her, and "riding" her, and Val is soaking up the attention.
I spoke with my vet and we are going to retest her in about a month or so, and re-adjust her medication if necessary, although the vet did say that sometimes it can take up to 6 months or longer to see the real effects of the Prascend.

She's been getting short lunging sessions every day with Lily, maybe 10 minutes at max, and she is getting stronger and stronger. She really needs help on her hind end, and thankfully, our property is very hilly, so she gets lots of walking exercise throughout the day.

The other day she rolled and I just about cried. I thought "Well, if she can roll around and get herself back up, she must be doing alright!"

Admittedly I haven't been taking alot of photos this past week, so my apologies!

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