Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Valentina: Day 8

Well, Valentina has officially been here one week! She's doing great, settling into a routine (well, as much as we can, we've had monsoon weather the past 2 days so they've been inside 24/7).

Today Lily took her for a short ride, she is definitely feeling better because she was being a little ornery (aka, being a typical pony). Nothing bad, just wanting to eat grass and/or head back to the barn. The nice thing is she's small enough and responsive enough that once Lily figures out her quirks, I think she'll do really well with her. I have to remember to find some daisy reins. I have the kind that goes from the poll to the saddle, but I think they actually might be too big! I was thinking of looking for the kind that are kind of like side reins.

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