Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Valentina: Day 14! 2 weeks!

More and more positive updates on Val! She's doing really great, appetite is wonderful, and she has more pep! She bangs on her door for breakfast, and trots up to the barn for dinner, which are all excellent signs!

 I experimented by trying to get her to eat her pill out of my hand, and its working, so no more dose syringe, for now!

She's been switched over to Triple Crown Complete, and soaked timothy pellets. She gets as much grass hay as she wants, which equals out to about a flake 2x/day. I'm not so much concerned about the hay, that's sort of her filler to keep her busy.

I ordered Gleam and Gain 60, which should be arriving shortly, and I'll add that in to get some more calories in her. On the days that I can, I've been giving her a "snack" when I can, to help space out the meals, but because I work full time, I can only really do that on the weekends.

My friend, who is a wonderfully talented photographer, came to the house to take some pictures, and I am so excited to share them, because they turned out beautifully! All credits go to KCK Photography.

Had to put one of Sam in there!

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