Sunday, September 30, 2012

Valentina: Day 6

Call me crazy, but I think I see a difference in her weight! She's been on her old feed, TC complete, soaked alfalfa, and free-choice hay. I'm hoping I'm not seeing things!
My plan is to switch her to a low NSC feed, and I've had several nice people offer samples of different kinds, so I'm not wasting money on bags and bags of feed! So far she has eaten timothy pellets, alfalfa pellets, the smartpak supplement samples (smartgain and smartprotect), wellsolve l/s, and amplify. I think now that she's feeling  better, her appetite is getting better!

Valentina: Day 3

One thing you must know is, NEVER wake me up. It will cause you much pain and suffering.

However, if you are Lily, and you come in at 6:30 am to ask me if its time to feed Valentina, you're ok!
Valentina always appreciates cozy jammy hugs....

Valentina: Day 2

On our second day, Lily got up early and drew a picture for Valentina. Here is is:

We decided to let her walk around on her for a few laps, to get her muscles moving. Lily weighs all of 35 lbs, so my thinking is that little bit of work will help Valentina build her muscles up. 

After that, Lily groomed her, and took her out for a short graze. Then wouldn't leave the pasture, and they had a little private conversation.

Valentina: Day 1

I wanted to create this blog to chronicle little Valentina's progress. Its hard to see the differences day-to-day, so I thought if I write it down, at least I can use this as a reference!
We found Valentina through craigslist; she was a free-to-good-home ad. We went to check her out, and the woman had rescued her and a few other horses from an abandoned property. Unfortunately, Valentina wasn't faring so well, and once tested, she tested positive for Cushings. The woman was able to get her on the meds she needed, and start her on a good diet. What the woman felt she really needed was a little kid to love on her. Enter...Lily!

So, Valentina came home with us on 9/25/12, with the help of my ever-enabling pony loving mother. We got her home before Lily got home that night, and after dinner I told her it was time to feed Sam. We went down to the barn, and once we got down there, she knew something was up. This was her face before she peeked in the stall.
After seeing what was in there
Pony kisses